I have worked in various IT fields for over a decade. Continue reading for my resume as well as freelance services and pricing.

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When I was 12 years old my family got AOL. At some point I ended up on keyword HTML. It was like a whole new world opened up to me.

I began building my own “hello world” websites. When Geocities came out I used this knowledge to customize my site beyond the given templates. As time went on and the internet matured so did I. I learned CSS and slowly web design “best practices” became available.

After high school the tech world got away from me. I started college as a music major. It didn’t pan out, and I ended up slowly working my way up in the IT world through both FTE and freelancing. After bouncing around between web and graphic design, help desk, QA, and dabbling in web development I finally landed on my feet in the world of data and business analysis.

As a report writer I have worked extensively with SSMS and SSRS, and at one point worked with the quite antiquated Infomaker. My work in SQL and other technical fields helped immensely when I made the transition to Business Analyst. I’ve successfully co-managed many projects, provided great insight into the technical needs of project requirements, creating product wire frames and mock ups, thoroughly researched all solutions, and also acted as translator between the development staff and the customer.

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IT Business Analyst, Report Writer, and UX Specialist.


Smyrna, GA — 2016-Present

In late 2015 I came up with the idea for a very basic inventory management system aimed towards smaller than small businesses. People who rent out booths and spaces in antique shops, craft malls, and even craft shows. Currently the web app, Vendor In A Box, is in development. You can find out more here.

Business Analyst, Woodruff Arts Center

Atlanta, GA — 2014-Present

In 2014 I took the opportunity to become a member of the IT department at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. I’ve always loved the arts so the benefits of working for an arts center and being a part of their growth was very appealing to me. While at Woodruff I made the transition from Systems Analyst to Business Analyst for the IT Project Management team.


  • Learned Tessitura, including Tessitura Reports and Tessitura Security
  • Took communications management and time management training classes offered by employer
  • Wrote new reports in SSRS and implemented into Tessitura’s Report service
  • Converted old Infomaker reports to SSRS
  • Worked with Matching/Duplicate software “MatchIt” and performed weekly scans and updates for duplicate records
  • Performed weekly copies of production over various test databases.
  • Worked with leadership from other departments to develop robust reporting solutions
  • Assisted with regression testing and the testing of new functionality for multiple arts partner websites
  • Managed security permissions and adjustments for Tessitura users
  • Assisted with Tessitura User training when needed
  • Gathered requirements for projects
  • Worked with IT team and users to create project plans and log information in Liquid Planner
  • Acted as Project Manager for Business Intelligence implementation of Tableau

Business Intelligence Analyst, Optima/XPO Last Mile

Roswell, GA — 2009-2014

I began at Optima Service Solutions in 2009 as an entry level software tester. My previous experience allowed me to quickly begin taking on many other roles such as tech support and web design. In 2013 Optima was acquired by XPO and became XPO Last Mile.


  • Trained team and users on a variety of software and web applications
  • Created QA practices and processes that were used until the acquisition
  • Managed conversion from our slow IVR system to Voiceshot, which cut down autocalls from taking several hours to only a few minutes
  • Created and maintained mobile version of the Optima web based app, Evolution using CSS
  • Responsible for approving and critiquing developer UI changes.
  • Created new public facing website and intranet design
  • Assisted users with technical support issues
  • Wrote extensive SQL reporting for Executive Management, allowing them to easily audit the behavior of our field techs.
  • Was awarded Optima MVP in 2010 for overall performance, and Employee of the Month October 2012 for commendation from our largest client.

Microstation Specialist, UC/Synergetic

Atlanta, GA — 2008-2009

  • Updated Verizon residential maps using Bently Microstation
  • Logged on to Verizon FTTP Server to update files and data
  • Worked in a team environment on a daily basis to complete projects on time

Freelance Work

Douglasville, GA — 2006-2007

  • While attempting to find a full time position, I spent a year picking up miscellaneous freelance jobs varying from tech support, to photography, to web design.


2778: Writing Queries using MS SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL

– June 2014
Microstrategy: Introduction to Mobile App Platform

– February 2014



  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • Tableau
  • SQL Server Management Studio / T-SQL
  • SSRS
  • Gemini Project Management
  • MS Office
  • Microstrategy
  • Google Drive + Docs
  • Visual Studio/BIDS
  • JIRA
  • Selenium
  • Firebug
  • Tessitura
  • MatchIT
  • TrackIT